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Dutch Media Week

After our offline debut during Insomnia 71 it was due time for our Benelux Rocket League squad to show that they’re than just an online team.

For those that have been out of the loop, we signed the reigning Benelux champions back in June.
Domination is what we expected, and it’s what we got: playing only 2 out of 3 tournaments in the Benelux Master Series was enough for us to qualify to the Elite Series.

Whilst our domination continues in the Elite Series, we couldn’t wait to face off against some of the best teams in the region and show that we’re just as much of a menace offline, or maybe even more so.

The journey to Hilversum

Getting to the Dutch Media Week didn’t just happen overnight – a lot of preparation was necessary but especially, they wouldn’t just let any team in and have them play Rocket League: we had to qualify.

In order to do so we had to go offline for the first time in one of the Go!Gaming venues across the Netherlands.
In the end we decided to choose Utrecht as our location – everyone going there was warned that they would have to be happy with 2nd place.
It seemed to have a reverse effect though, and Utrecht became arguably the most stacked qualifier location of the event.
This is mostly due to the gravitoss of the 2 teams that qualified here: NXT and mCon esports, arguably the 2 best Rocket League teams at the time.

The penultimate conclusion

To add some context to the creation of these Dutch Media Week finals – it’s important to understand that there’s more behind it than just Rocket League.
The Dutch Media Week is a yearly celebration of all forms of digital media – even including gaming, influencers, and so much more.
In this world of modern content, it’s impossible to not include esports as an ever growing form of entertainment in media.

The event lasted a full week and included much more than just the Rocket League tournament.
Some of our personal favourites were a keynote speech from Team Liquid (although next time, you should really ask a good team – like NXT – to handle this sort of speech).
The official Dutch Game Awards were also held, celebrating developers and publishers alike who create games in the Netherlands for an international audience.

After a full week of exciting events, it was time to get down to business though: the Rocket League finals were held on a saturday to close out this week of events, and we were ready.

© Feike Faase Fotografie

The invincibles

Our day started early – with our first match already at 10 AM we had only barely woken up, and yet it was already time to play.
Luckily it didn’t affect our performance, we started off strong and remained undefeated in the group stage.
We faced off against a team that for legal reasons, we can’t call HEET, but they had suspiciously similar players.
Another opponent was Criminals, a local Call of Duty organisation, that decided to give Rocket League in the Benelux a chance!
Lets hope we didn’t discourage them from doing this again in the future.

After a long break – and room for a little siesta – it was time to commence with the playoffs stage.
Our first opponent was a familiar one in Dynasty, as we played them before in Elite Series.
It was a repeat in history, as we defeated them once again.

The semifinals were set, and it was a happy reuning against mCon esports for us.
The other semifinal was RQS against Myth, two teams who had qualified in Rotterdam and knew each other well as well.
Our semifinal was over quickly, a dominating performance lead to an easy 3-0 victory over mCon esports.
Myth had a closer match against the defending champion of Frag-o-Matic, RQS, but not by much.

Before long the final was set and we knew our final opponents: Myth Esports.
This team was all that stood between us and crowning ourselves as the best team in the Benelux for the very first time.
Myth had built themselves a reputation that earned them many nicknames: underdogs, giant killers, the most cohesive team in the Benelux.
After all, they had made it to the finals for a reason, and after today, they’d be known by another nickname: 2nd place team.

In their defence, Myth was the only team to be able to win a single game against us, but it didn’t help much, we won our finals 4-1.
We didn’t earn ourselves the title of invincibles that day, but we were able to lift the trophy calling ourselves the best team in the Benelux, or at least in the Netherlands.
Our next stop? LouvardGame during 28-30 October, where we take on Belgian teams to prove that they can’t beat us either.

© Feike Faase Fotografie

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