League of Legends, NXT LVL, Wild Rift

NXT x Connecting

We’ve had quite the journey these past few months: starting from scratch, we established ourselves with teams in League of Legends, Valorant, Rocket League and Clash Royale. With varying successes in many different regions – and taking down goliaths like Unicorns of Love (Valorant) and G2 (League of Legends – Female) – we’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

A new year is approaching, and a new competitive season comes with it.
At NXT, we want to keep growing and look forward to the future to do everything bigger and better.
With this in mind we’ve decided to join forces with Connecting Esports to expand our operations to even more games, support even more teams and add some talented management to our organisation.

Coming back to the NLC

In part, our journey in League of Legends started in the NLC’s 3rd Division during the summer split with some fond memories, defeating G2 Hel was definitely one of the highlights, but we also landed our very first competitive result in the region by finishing 5th place in our group.

We’re gladly announcing our return to the NLC having merged with Connecting Esports.
Their team in the Danish “LCD” – which is the equivalent of NLC Division 3 – will continue under the NXT banner in 2024.

This means we’re not starting from scratch either, as we’re bringing Fanta & Dynasty as strong assets behind the scenes from Connecting Esports to guide us through this new venture. With a 5th place finish in their previous split they’ve set the bar, but we remain ambitious and plan to play in the NLC Promotion tournament in 2024.
Qualifying for NLC’s Division 2? That’ll be another challenge entirely – but we remain optimistic and ambitious and will be ready to step up once the opportunity arises.

The future is mobile

At NXT we’ve always been supportive of esports in mobile gaming, and thanks to our merge with Connecting Esports we’re able to expand on exactly that.
Our Clash Royale division will remain as strong as ever, but we’ll also be expanding into League of Legends: Wild Rift, which is the mobile equivalent of the wildly popular desktop MOBA.

We already teased this by organising a NXT LVL tournament for Wild Rift, that allowed qualification to the Rift Legends circuit, which is the equivalent of the EMEA Masters in regular League of Legends.

In 2024 we’re planning to compete with the best and become a staple organisation in Wild Rift.
Although little is known in terms of plan for T2 competition, we’re ready to take the scene by storm and will be closely monitoring the progression of this esport.

The sky is the limit

In the end, the possibilities that this cooperation brings are virtually endless.
We have a lot more opportunities and will be able to do even more than before due to us joining forces.

What the scope of this is or what this all really means, even we don’t know yet.
In terms of possibilities, we’re planning to do even more in terms of tournaments, broadcasting and bring our community closer together.

We have 1 goal in mind: bigger and better than last year, and we have all the tools to make this happen and turn 2024 into an even greater success.