League of Legends

Our departure from League of Legends

What a journey we’ve had – it’s been almost a year ago now that we launched NXT.
One of the first ventures we announced was our decision to join the Elite Series 2nd Division in League of Legends.
Soon after the NLC 3rd Division was announced as well – we had kickstarted our launch in two promising competitions in a very popular game.

We took the chance to re-evaluate our position at the end of the current split, and realised that we’ve grown a lot since then.
In Rocket League, we play at the absolutely highest level in the Benelux, going as far as to taking a completely Benelux roster to RLCS and ending 5th.
In Valorant, we’ve joined the Challengers circuit in Northern Europe and went on a huge win streak, missing playoffs by a fraction.

League of Legends has definitely been the odd duck, and today we’ve decided that we will seize all our ventures within this game, at least for the time being.
I’d like to go a bit more in depth and recap our experience in each of the competitions we’ve been active so far.

Elite Series 2nd Division

Elite Series was initially announced as the very first competition we’d participate in, and through multiple splits we grew together with them.
A quick overview of our results definitely shows improvement over time:

  • 6th place in Elite Series 2nd Division Summer 2023
  • Top 8 in Benelux Masters (together with 1st Division teams)
  • 4th place in Elite Series 2nd Division Spring 2024

Despite our improving results, we saw similar improvements in other competitions and games, with some other factors not so favoured for Elite Series.
One of the main issues we’ve encountered, has been the lack of an official broadcast, we’ve instead offered to cover our own matches, but this requires a lot of time and resources from our side. The result also hasn’t been very rewarding – averaging 10.375 viewers on a professional esports production we’ve poured our heart and soul into.

Rather than lower the quality and effort we’ve provided, we’ve decided to leave the competition as to keep upholding the same standard of quality we’ve always striven to achieve so far.
It speaks almost for itself that the other competitions we have participated in not only have had their own broadcast, or in the case of the RLCS our streams peaked at over 800 viewers, which is a huge contrast for us.

Additionally, we have made repeated efforts to “upgrade” our position within the ecosystem by offering our candidacy to play in the Elite Series main competition, but our pleas have been ignored. The only realistic alternative would be for us to make significant financial investment towards winning the 2nd Division and qualifying through those means, but this is not feasible for us at this time as we have serious concerns about the longevity of the competition, and this would jeopardize our position within different games and competitions that have been going significantly better for us.

League Championship Denmark / NLC 3rd Division

League Championship Denmark (and NLC 3rd Division before it) faces a similar problem for us than Elite Series – although the competition is even smaller.
The new national leagues system in the lower ecosystem of NLC is definitely a breath of fresh air and adds a lot of charm to the “LCD” league being local representatives of the Danish region, but there are still major concerns from our side since the competition does not have any official broadcast, and we are basically reliant on the content from other teams and organisations in the league to have any form of exposure.

What’s next for us

We still remain committed towards Rocket League in the Benelux and RLCS, as well as participating in the Challengers circuit of Valorant.
Although we’re saying goodbye to League of Legends for now – it doesn’t mean we’re going to stay away forever.
League of Legends still is one of the biggest esports, and in the future we could always return, although this will likely only ever be at an “ERL” level.

NXT is about competing at the highest level that’s possible for us, so we keep pushing ourselves to do better month after month.
We leave League of Legends behind with our heads held high and look optimistic towards the future, choosing athletic excellence above all, in all the competitions we continue to participate.

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