Rainbow Six Siege

NXT x Eagle Empire

Given our recent news where we announced our departure from League of Legends, we were left with options as we had the room to take on another mainstay esport in our organisation.

After long consideration and ongoing negotiations, we’re now proudly announcing our entry into the Rainbow Six Siege competitive circuit.

Although the news can be shared in a short text and an image, we once again want to give some more explanation about the reasons we’ve decided to commit to this game, and offer more information for people who want to learn more.

Our entry in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege will become our 2nd esports in the shooter genre, after Valorant.
From our perspective, this game has a lot going for it, but the main appeal for us has been it’s decentralized competitions in the 2nd & 3rd tier of this esport.

A few years, Ubisoft had a very similar grassroots system that many other esports titles still utilise to this day, unfortunately Ubisoft dropped support for these local circuits a while ago. We are happy to see what this lead to though, as now multiple competitions are being organised without country restrictions, allowing us to play at many different stages around the world without the complexity of fielding multiple rosters.

Another huge benefit we’ve noticed is the dedication and heart of the Rainbow Six community, with impressive viewership numbers across their competitions, motivating us to invest in this game’s competitive circuit even more.

The competitive scene of this game still took a hit though, just like almost every other esports game did, but it’s on the rise and we are motivated to contribute to the rise of this game once again.

Joining forces with Eagle Empire

Instead of picking up one of the many F/A teams in Rainbow Six Siege, we’ve instead decided to work together with an existing name in the Rainbow Six landscape.
Eagle Empire is more than just an esports team, as the people behind this team have also committed themselves to helping the ecosystem grow and contribute positively towards making the competitive scene of this game a better place.

We’re very motivated by the people behind Eagle Empire and their stance on making this competitive circuit a better competing space for everyone, and thus are glad that we are able to join forces, not only to enable these people to do even more for this esport, but also so we can contribute ourselves in a meaningful and impactful way.